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When is Commercial or Domestic Scaffolding Necessary?

At 1st Scaffolding (Berkshire) Ltd we have developed our wealth of scaffolding knowledge and advanced skillset through 30 years of serving Reading and the surrounding areas, and over 60 years of combined industry experience. Potential clients can visit our testimonials to see what previous customers think about our domestic, commercial and industrial scaffolding services, which include birdcage scaffolding and temporary roof scaffolding.

It can be a challenge to decide whether scaffolding is or isn’t necessary for your construction project.

If a risk assessment is required at your home or place of business, it’s quite likely you will need our domestic scaffolding or commercial scaffolding services.

Erecting scaffolding always revolves around safety and access. It’s ideal for minimising risks and ensuring your team and the public are safe while works are being carried out.

So we’ve compiled a list of construction jobs below, during which a scaffolding installation is essential.

Working At Height

Perhaps it goes without saying but working at height – or a substantial distance from which a person or piece of equipment falling could cause injury or damage – always carries an added risk. By erecting scaffolding, you provide your workers with a stable and safe platform that reduces the risk of falls. 

All individuals will feel secure whilst doing their job, so they can complete work to the highest standard in a safe and efficient manner.

At 1st Scaffolding (Berkshire)Ltd we undertake domestic scaffolding services and we can design and assemble birdcage scaffolding or temporary roof scaffolding structures.

Our team is available in Reading and we also offer professional and reliable industrial and commercial scaffolding services.

Large Workforce

When you have a large workforce or even a few individuals working on one project, using access solutions like a ladder will delay completion. Scaffolding, however, provides your workforce with a flat, sturdy work platform with plenty of space to work around each other so jobs can be completed seamlessly at the same time.

Not only will scaffolding speed up the construction process, but it also ensures work is carried out in a safer environment.

Multiple Levels

Scaffolding also improves the efficiency of a project when working at multiple levels. Instead of moving, ascending and descending a ladder multiple times a day, your team can work their way up, down and across the building through the scaffold structure. With multiple lift heights and the addition of ladders, a scaffold will provide easy access to all parts of the building.

Your workforce will be able to work at different heights with less challenges and gain access to otherwise difficult-to-reach areas.

We also install temporary roof scaffolding, which will keep your exposed structure safe and dry throughout periods of challenging weather.

1st Scaffolding (Berkshire) Ltd are experts in domestic scaffolding, and we also specialise in commercial scaffolding services for clients throughout Reading.

Should you need birdcage scaffolding or industrial scaffolding for your construction project our team covers that too.

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