Temporary Roof Scaffolding in Maidenhead and the Surrounding Areas| Does Your Project Require Our Commercial Scaffolding Services?

When planning a construction, maintenance or repair project that requires removing the roof, property owners will need to decide whether or not they should invest in temporary roof scaffolding to cover the exposed building. At 1st Scaffolding (Berkshire) Ltd we specialise in erecting temporary coverings for domestic scaffolding, commercial scaffolding and industrial scaffolding projects in Maidenhead.

We are also highly experienced in birdcage scaffolding, which you can see examples of on our website gallery.

When deciding if your project requires temporary roof scaffolding, there are several factors to consider. This includes everything from the scale of the works being carried out to the potential for roof leaks.

Here are some more tips to aid in your decision:

Carrying Out a Risk Assessment

Undertaking a risk assessment is a great opportunity to establish whether your project requires a temporary roofing structure. It will give our team the chance to confirm how likely a leak is to occur and what impact water ingress will have on the building.

For instance, a leak in an industrial or commercial building that is used to store plant and machinery will result in significant repair or replacement costs, so a temporary roof is a wise investment.

Whereas in an empty residential building that is undergoing a relatively fast maintenance or repair project, a roof leak will be less disruptive and therefore less costly than a temporary covering.

Here at 1st Scaffolding (Berkshire) Ltd, we are experts in temporary roof scaffolding and birdcage scaffolding installations.

Our team also provides reliable and trusted domestic scaffolding, commercial scaffolding and industrial scaffolding services in Maidenhead.

Scope and Scale of Works

It is vital for us to understand the scope and scale of the works you are undertaking in order for us to recommend the most suitable protection for your building. For example, are structural works required? Because this will extend the timescale of your project and the building will be exposed for an extended period, which increases the likelihood of leaks.

Whenever a project requires large sections of the building to be exposed to the elements for a significant amount of time, a temporary roof is necessary. 

If harsh weather conditions could delay your project and you need to work within strict timescales, then a temporary roof is ideal, as it will minimise the impact of inclement weather so your team can continue to work safely.


Temporary roofing will add a significant cost to the budget for your construction, maintenance or repair project. But if resolving water damage will cost more than a temporary roof, investing in one of these scaffolding structures is less hassle and a more cost-effective solution than repairs and replacements.

At 1st Scaffolding (Berkshire) Ltd we understand that no two roofs or construction projects are the same. By following our guide and ensuring a risk assessment is completed prior to any works beginning, you should be able to establish whether your project requires temporary roof scaffolding.

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We are the scaffolding experts and we also specialise in birdcage scaffolding.

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