Domestic Scaffolding

Domestic Scaffolding in Maidenhead, Reading and the Surrounding Areas

Here at 1st Scaffolding (Berkshire) Ltd, we undertake domestic scaffolding projects of all scales for clients in Reading, Maidenhead and the surrounding Berkshire area. Our team coordinates all materials, equipment and personnel and we build all structures from the ground up. So when you are carrying out a home improvement or restoration project, we are the ideal choice.

Potential clients can visit our website gallery to see examples of our workmanship from previous projects.

No matter what structure you require, we consider your unique specifications and our work always complies with health and safety regulations.

Our team holds over 60 years of combined industry experience and we manage all aspects of the project from start to finish.

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Safety On Site

We make safety a priority when carrying out any scaffolding project. Debris netting is installed to protect the workforce and other passers-by from falling debris and dust. It will also limit rain and wind penetration, which improves working conditions on site.

Scaffold sheeting is designed to withstand the extreme weather scaffolding is exposed to at increased heights. For large-scale projects, we can weld individual sheets together to create one large sheet that covers the entire structure.

Polythene sheeting is renowned for its durability and can also be provided. Tarpaulin sheeting is also ideal if you need to cover temporary roof scaffolding as it is highly weather-resistant.

Brick guards and trestle handrail systems can be installed with domestic scaffolding to prevent people and materials from falling.

Our team is available in Reading, Maidenhead and the surrounding Berkshire area and we always carry out work with safety in mind.

Ratchet straps are used to secure materials as we move them. And safety guards are required to provide temporary edge protection during construction.

Timber boards are installed to form a safe, stable working platform that is durable in all weather conditions. And we secure ladders so they do not slip when being used to access different levels of the structure.

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Supported Scaffolding

We build supported scaffolding from the ground up. These structures are usually formed with one or several platforms, which are supported by rigid struts like poles. We use ladders to access the different platforms and stationary or mobile options are available.

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Suspended Scaffolding

Suspended scaffolding consists of a working platform that is secured to the roof with chain, wiring or ropes. Pulleys, levers and switches enable your workforce to climb and descend the building and easily access all parts of the structure. This scaffolding is ideal for small-scale projects, such as exterior works on private homes.

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Mast-Supported Scaffolding

Mast-supported scaffolding bears heavier loads than traditional structures and is used to facilitate access for personnel with the required tools, equipment and materials to complete work at height. These scaffolds have a small base area, which makes them ideal for working efficiently at height in small spaces.

Whatever your domestic scaffolding needs, 1st Scaffolding (Berkshire) Ltd is the team to trust in Reading, Maidenhead and the surrounding areas.

We are the scaffolding experts and we always produce quality results.

For domestic scaffolding in Reading, Maidenhead and the surrounding areas, please contact us on 07831 197615.

CALL US TODAY ON 07831 197615
ON: 07831 197615