Birdcage scaffolding

Birdcage Scaffolding in Maidenhead, Reading and the Surrounding Areas

Here at 1st Scaffolding (Berkshire) Ltd, we provide a complete birdcage scaffolding service, including access and safety solutions. Our team works across Reading, Maidenhead and the surrounding Berkshire area, where we have built a reputation as the trusted and reliable choice for domestic, commercial and industrial scaffolding services.

Birdcage scaffolds have a simple design and are used to create a safe platform for working on a building at height. They are independent structures that are easy to erect, consisting of more than two rows of standards in both directions, which are joined by ledgers and transformers at each lift height.

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What We Do

We use timber boards to form access platforms so that your team can carry out work on ceilings, roofs and exterior walls, and has easy access to light fixings and ventilation points. Since birdcage scaffolding can be erected indoors or outdoors with multiple lift heights it is ideal for completing a wide range of property maintenance, repair and construction projects.

These structures are durable and sturdy, so all work can be completed safely. And our company is a member of CHAS so potential clients can be assured that we provide the highest standard of risk management.

Whether we are working on a domestic, commercial or industrial building our team erects and dismantles scaffolding in a responsive and professional manner, within the agreed timescale and budget.

At 1st Scaffolding (Berkshire) Ltd we cover every aspect of your scaffolding requirements.

Our team specialises in birdcage scaffolding. We supply, deliver, design, erect, dismantle and collect all materials for clients in Reading, Maidenhead and the surrounding Berkshire area.

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Why Choose Birdcage Scaffolding?

Birdcage scaffolds are incredibly stable. The standards are braced so that they can carry heavy vertical loads, and the structure is braced and can be tied to prevent lateral sway, which is crucial for external structures that will need to withstand strong winds.

These designs provide a fast and straightforward access solution to carry out both interior and exterior projects that are out of reach.

As an independent structure this scaffold can support its own weight, so does not need to be attached to the wall, and due to its hard-wearing nature, it is ideal for a variety of repairs and installations.

You will be able to ensure that your workforce has a safe and accessible platform to carry out a wide range of work.

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Unless safety guards are provided platforms should be erected no more than 150mm from the working edge. If your project requires a scaffold with more than 11 standards some will be too far from the wall to rely on it for support. This means the scaffold needs to be braced and can be tied and butted at intermediate sections for additional support.

When you need birdcage scaffolding services in Reading, Maidenhead or the surrounding Berkshire areas, 1st Scaffolding (Berkshire) Ltd is the reliable and trusted choice.

For birdcage scaffolding in Reading, Maidenhead and the surrounding areas, please contact us on 07831 197615.

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